Regular Men’s Haircut: $15

Specialty Cut: $20

Kids Cut: $12

Shave: $10

Edge Up: $7

Hours of Operations:

Monday: By Appointment Only

Tuesday: 10-6

Wednesday: 10-6

Thursday: 8-8

Friday: 8-8

Saturday: 7-3

Sunday: Closed



Oscar Diaz

Unintentionally becoming a barber a few years ago, Oscar underwent a series of phases to find his calling in life. Some of those phases included a mechanic, welder, tire technician, and even taking interest in culinary arts. He quickly discovered none of the above was something he wanted to do long-term. Oscar came across barbering by practicing on family and friends. This practice led him to realize how much he enjoyed cutting hair, and how barbering is so much more than a haircut -- it's an art, it's a gift, and it's a way of life. And just as how cutting hair changed his life, he wants to change others one cut at a time.

Benjamin Ramirez

Benjamin started cutting hair at the age of 17, which began with the cutting of his brother's and friend's hair. As he started progressing, his love for this art increased as well. It wasn't until he became a senior in high school that he got into trouble, by not having his mind in the right place, which consequently stopped him from cutting hair for a year after graduating. After graduating high school, Benjamin had no clue of what he wanted to do. He had several warehouse jobs, but with the economy being so unstable, he was laid off every other week job after job. He finally realized this isn't the path he wanted to be in, and he needed a quick change into the right direction. With some positive influence from his friends and family, he enrolled at OG's Barber School and Designs, where it helped him to appreciate and love cutting hair.

Stevie Jimenez

26 year old barber out of Waco, Texas, attended O'Gs School of Hair Design in 2012.  First picked up a pair of clippers at the age of 14. Started out as more of a hobby, since his mother couldn't afford to give him money for a weekly haircut. He began cutting his own hair, which then eventually led to his  friends and younger brother. It was then he realized  barbering was his true calling. Stevie loves learning from others and their experiences, and inspiring others to reach their passion in life. It's not just a haircut, it's a life-style! When you're looking good, you're feeling good!

Cristian Mendez

The owner of Kingz Barbershop with 10+ years of experience. Started cutting his four brothers and friends' hair at a young age in his parent's backyard. While in high school, his clientele began to grow exponentially. It is then when he dreamed of opening his own barbershop one day. After graduating  high school in 2008, he attended OG's School of Hair Design. Upon graduation in the Spring of 2010, he had the opportunity to work at  one of the busiest barbershops in Waco, Look at Me Now. After working there for 2 1/2 years he decided to fulfill his dream.  Since then he has been blessed thanks to God, Cristian takes great pride in the art of barbering, while simultaneously finding ways to perfect his technique and becoming a better barber/barbershop owner.

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Address: 1000 S. New Road Suite 120 Beverly Hills, TX 76711
Phone: 254-235-2120
Email: crismendez101@yahoo.com